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allansmyman's Journal

Ok, so I'm your basic average Aries nightmare!:headstrong, passionate, competitive, fiercely loyal, and a little bit spoilt (though that could be down to being an only child!).
Apart from listed interests, I spend alot of my time running around after my 2 little terrors so sitting on my backside all day doesn't come into it unless I'm hanging out on my fave forums. In case you hadn't worked it out I'm a bit of a Joe Armstrong fan so hello to my lovely Joe Forum and LJ buddies who are little jems.

Fave music, I chill out to at the mo: The Rushes (find them on myspace), Snow Patrol (still playing that album a year later)There's a beautiful line from "Open Your Eyes"..."Get away from these liars 'cos they don't get your soul or your fire" which becomes more and more relevant for me as I get older, Ryan Adams (ever heard his cover of "Wonderwall"?-it's sublime) and Massive Attack. Foo Fighters with the rock God that is Dave Grohl is another big fave in my house(though not really to chill to!)."Best of You" gets me every time.
One voice from the grave which makes me cry (emotional being another Aries trait)every time is the legendary Johnny Cash with his cover of "Hurt", just raw emotion!
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